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In implementing our projects to achieve our vision, ACOD UG works and has worked with a number of development partners nationally and internationally. Our programs and interventions has been funded by the following partners to whom we are greatful

United Nation Development Programme
Aim: To conserve the Shea parklands through community sensitization and provide alternative sources of income to the communities around Shea parklands

Food & Agriculture Organization
Aim: Sustainably improve food security and incomes of smallholder farmers and Small and Medium Enterprises engaged in the value chain of rice.

Aim: Enhancement of groundnut production and utilization for improved livelihood through community Action.

International Fertilizer Development Center
Aim: To establish and build capacity of cassava farmers on cassava post-harvest handling practices by 60% and increase access to market by 50%.

Uganda Fund
Aim: Increasing Competitiveness of conflict Sexual Gender Based Violence Survivors in soya bean and goat production for Increased Income and Poverty Reduction.

United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture
Aim: Livelihood Support to Victims of Torture from Lord's Resistance Army Insurgency in Lira, Oyam and Pader Districts.

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